Run your games with data. Keep players longer.

Appuri's suite of powerful segmentation and retention management tools provide unprecedented insight into your title.

Capture game telemetry at scale

Appuri is designed to capture telemetry from game titles at scale. Whether your title has 10K DAU or 50M, rest assured that our data infrastructure scales to your needs.

  • Capture billions of in-game telemetry events into a dedicated Amazon Redshift data warehouse
  • Load game state and subscription data from databases like Mongo and Couch into Amazon Redshift
  • Load IAP and attribution data from services like Apple, TUNE and Kochava

Batteries-included SQL queries to analyze player behavior

SQL queries can unlock insights into player behavior no dashboard can provide

  • Don’t know SQL? Don’t sweat it. Appuri includes dozens of queries purpose-built for understanding player behavior
  • Query billions of events rapidly with table schemas that are optimized to scale to hit titles

Track your title’s pulse with a Tableau-ready data warehouse

As your title grows, share the most important metrics with your team.

  • Connect to Tableau and Tableau Online within minutes
  • Create aggregation tables and roll-ups with the Job Scheduler

Get an x-ray on player retention

Your team has put blood, sweat and tears into launching a title - now it’s time to tackle player retention with best-in-breed tools.

  • Use retention cohorts to understand how player behavior influences retention
  • Lifecycle stages show churn across game levels
  • Analyze millions of player events to diagnose which player behaviors and user profile properties lead to churn

Run smart retention campaigns with targeted segments

It’s no secret that studios that run proactive campaigns run titles that retain and monetize.

  • Create segments targeting player properties and behaviors
  • A/B test segments with a powerful Experiment Manager that keeps track of the bookkeeping for you
  • Push segments to tools you know and love, whether game servers or Urban Airship