Boost your business by shifting user behaviors to more profitable activities

More than 70% of marketers fail to target customers with behavioral data.

Appuri uses machine learning to identify at risk signals in user behavior so you can create timely, relevant, high converting retention campaigns with confidence.

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Find out who your at-risk customers are

“Prioritized, actionable drivers. We never had access to that insight until Appuri. That's the money slide!”

Appuri blends data from sources like in-app telemetry, Salesforce and subscription billing systems to create powerful scores that identify account risk, enabling you to focus your customer success team on accounts that are truly at risk.

  • Take the guesswork out of predicting account usage and renewal risk regardless of subscription term, seasonality or usage patterns
  • See per-user churn drivers to diagnose why each account is at-risk
  • Track per-user churn scores over time and alert your team when a use becomes at risk
  • Dig into the history of every account property and event

Segment your users based on behavior

Your customer data is trying to tell you something. Appuri’s extreme scalability can capture every action that your customers take, while powerful, predictive analytics let you uncover what drives engagement and what needs improvement across the most critical phases of your lifecycle.

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No need to learn a new tool. Use your favorite Marketing Automation app, uninterrupted.

Rank by at-risk scores and build lists based on user behavior. Map to proactive retention campaigns and track the results.

How do I set this up?

We provide a turn-key deployment process to all customers in trial. Our implementations typically take anywhere between 24 hours to 2 weeks.

  • We’ll take care of all the technical components
  • We’ll ensure all data ingestions work properly and events appear properly.
  • We’ll provide ongoing optimization of algorithms.

Turn key setup is free for a limited time. Call today to get in the queue!