Predict which users and accounts are at risk of cancellation and why

Focus your limited resources on high priority accounts based upon leading behavioral indicators

Appuri's algorithms are provably more accurate than manually-scored accounts and more flexible than human-generated rules. We focus exclusively on accurately predicting retention, deploy in days, and work with your existing tools, workflows and playbooks.

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Focus your Resources on High-Impact Accounts

Appuri blends data from sources like in-app telemetry, Salesforce and subscription billing systems to create powerful scores that identify account risk, enabling you to focus your Customer Success team on accounts that are truly at risk.

“Totango, Gainsight, all of them were more focused on workflow. We know our workflow. My big problem is the signal. Appuri showed really good evidence ... of being able to provide that capability.”

Onboard your Customers Smoothly

Onboarding is a treacherous time for new accounts. With Appuri, you can define clear milestones and track their progress to ensure a world-class onboarding experience for your customers.

  • Create milestones by blending data from in-app telemetry and Salesforce
  • Track progress against milestones on every account
  • Appuri works with Salesforce, so there’s no need for your team to learn a new tool.
  • Sync risk scores and fields to and from Salesforce
  • View Account Details in Salesforce

No need to learn a new tool.
Use your favorite CRM app, uninterrupted.

Create dashboards that show at-risk customers, at-risk and safe recurring revenue, campaigns aligned to retention drivers, and many more.

How do I set this up?

We provide a turn-key deployment process to all customers in trial. Our implementations typically take anywhere between 24 hours to 2 weeks.

  • We’ll take care of all the technical components
  • We’ll ensure all data ingestions work properly and events appear properly.
  • We’ll provide ongoing optimization of algorithms.

Turn key setup is free for a limited time. Call today to get in the queue!