Drive Customer Growth

Expanding your existing customer relationships is an efficient path to business growth and success. Appuri’s analytics and modeling capabilities can help you identify important high-level trends and maximize value with each and every customer.

Find Your Opportunities for Seat Expansion

One of the most valuable applications of our Machine Learning prediction modeling is scoring a customer’s likelihood to upgrade or add additional products or services. Our model output gives you both a Growth Score, and the top reasons for the score, so your teams are well informed as they engage on the sales opportunity.

Discover the Best Products to Promote

Appuri’s Segmentation capability makes it easy for marketers to identify and analyze groups of customers or users based on the products they’ve previously purchased or currently use, then use that information to drive targeted campaigns to customers with similar attributes. For example, a smart campaign could capitalize on the fact that mid-sized Retail clients using your mobile app are strong users of a separate module, but only 10% are licensed for it.

Find and Leverage Your Best Performers

Our customers have found a whole new level of visibility understanding the various ways their team members contribute to customer success. Depending on your business model, evaluating sales performance may not be as simple as generating a Closed/Won Opportunities report. With Appuri, you can create KPI’s across CRM, Payments and Product Analytics, such as Seat Expansion or New Users Added.


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Request a Product Demonstration