Retention & Renewals

It’s no secret that keeping customers is critical to the sustained success of any business, yet too many lack a rigorous, systematic approach to managing customer health. With Appuri, you have unmatched visibility into the health of your customer base – across the customer journey, and at all levels of granularity.

Be Proactive with At-Risk Customers

One of the most valuable applications of Machine Learning technology is early detection of at-risk customers. Appuri’s ML models generate a “Cancellation Risk” score and an easily understood summary of the main factors – or “Drivers” – that influence the score. We then offer a variety of methods to integrate these insights into your business process – from delivering directly to your customer-facing team through your CRM system to triggering automations via marketing campaign tools or delivering targeted in-product experiences.

Optimize Your Customer Journey – Measure the Improvement

Our Customer Analytics toolkit surfaces program-level insights that help you understand strengths and weakness across your business – whether to capitalize on a market segment that retains above average, or to shore up an element of the customer journey where you see significant drop-off. Appuri Cohorts allows fast, targeted exploration of retention across segments and over time.

Better, Faster Customer Service

Customer Service teams are chronically hampered by access to the information they most need when working to solve a customer problem. For a SaaS company, that often means the frontline rep wastes time and effort due to the “swivel chair” – moving from their Service console to one or more back-end systems to understand where, why and how a user issue occurred. Appuri collects all relevant usage data – click path, browser, operating system, IP address - and presents it directly to the agent right within their CRM console.

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