Marketing, Product and Business Operations

For marketing operations, product management and analytics teams, Appuri provides analytics and advanced segmentation to optimize programs and deliver targeted, relevant communications.

More Targeted, Timely Campaigns

Today’s customer expects you to know what she needs, when she needs it, and how she wants it delivered. Appuri gives you a single platform where you can design and trigger your marketing campaigns or product experiences using virtually any customer data point. Kick off a re-engagement campaign based on Churn Risk score, or fire an in-app reminder when a customer’s credit card is six weeks from expiration.

Cross-Platform Segmentation Analytics

With the foundation of a fully-integrated Customer Data Platform, Appuri gives program owners and analysts powerful segmentation capabilities. Slice and dice your customers using any property from any source system, and compare segment performance on any KPI – from CLV to Churn Rate to Feature Adoption, or define a customer metric of your own.

Customer Journey Optimization

With Cohort analytics, customer experience professionals have powerful capabilities to highlights strengths and weaknesses in the customer journey. Cohorting allows you to identify customer groups that struggle during the onboarding phase so you can address core issues in the sales process, or provide better training programs to your end users.

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