Revenue Owners and Leadership

Appuri provides fast, easy access to integrated customer, product and financial data, giving leaders in your business the context they need for better decision-making.

Improved Forecasts with Health, Risk and Growth Scoring

Many executives struggle to produce objective forecasts of revenue risk and account growth, relying on individual Account Manager assessments of accounts, or applying historic churn and upsell rates to predict customer revenue. With Appuri’s Machine Learning-based account risk and upsell/cross-sell scoring, you have a forecast based on data, not gut feel.

Better Informed Business Strategies and Priorities

Which of your customer segments have the greatest Customer Lifetime Value? Which product features are being used by your stickiest accounts? Which sales teams or channel partners deliver the most engaged customers, or have the highest renewal rates? The Appuri Customer Data Platform (CDP) integrates these data elements, providing valuable insights to help leadership address problems and leverage strengths in the business.

Reporting and Delivery via Leading BI Tools

The last thing a busy leadership team needs is yet another login and user interface to learn. Appuri is an open, fully-accessible Customer Data Platform (CDP), so organizations can leverage their existing Business Intelligence (BI) tools such as Looker, Tableau or PowerBI. For organizations who have yet to implement a BI system, Appuri has partners offering out-of-the-box reporting and tailored visualizations against our CDP.

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