Customer-facing Teams

Many functions, by many names, engage directly with customers to retain and grow relationships - Sales, Customer Success, Account Management, Customer Service. Appuri gives each of them an advantage delivering on their goals.

Focused, Proactive Customer Outreach

Appuri gives your customer front-lines the focus they need to spend their time most effectively. Integrated predictive Churn Risk or Upsell Propensity scores can drive “hot lists” within their CRM system, so they know which accounts may be starting to head off track, and why.

Smarter Upsell Conversations

The best sales conversations happen when the seller has a thorough understanding of the buyer and her needs. Appuri’s predictive Upsell modeling points to a customer’s readiness to buy, and CRM Insights provide a valuable 360-degree view of account activity. Sellers can quickly identify product usage trends, review recent support activities, and identify Power Users who may be critical in the decision-making process.

More Intelligent Support Interactions

Customer Service team members thrive when they’re able to find smart, effective solutions to customer issues – and do it quickly. For most teams, even basic support involves multiple systems, UI’s and copy/paste between apps. CRM Insights eliminates the “swivel chair” once and for all, with event streams that include device types, browser and operating system versions and more.

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