Find The Tipping Point

Conversion means different things to different businesses. Appuri provides analytics and modeling that help you optimize your customer conversion process, whether that involves moving more customers from free trial to paid subscription, driving higher rates of freemium upgrades, or reducing shopping cart abandons.

Converting Free Trials


Appuri’s Machine Learning predictive models use your historical customer data to identify the factors (“drivers”) that are most highly correlated with converting customers. Drivers frequently include specific product usage patterns, but may also include factors such as a company’s size or industry. Appuri thern enables you to take the appropriate action in the optimal channel. For high-scale businesses, trigger email campaigns with incentives targeting those likely to convert or deliver engagement messages to those not progressing toward a paid subscription.

Freemium Upgrades


Freemium business models are more pervasive than ever, but they require careful evaluation of conversion rates – too low may mean your paid offering holds relatively low value compared to your free version, too high could mean you are missing demand. Further, early adopters tend to be less price-sensitive than later converts, so you need to watch conversion rates carefully over time. Appuri helps you optimize your freemium program by making it easy to understand your conversion rate, identify the customer segments and channels that perform well, and pinpoint features that resonate with paying customers.

Transaction Completion

For transactional business models, conversion problems typically take the form of incomplete purchase processes (i.e. abandoned shopping carts). Appuri can help. With your customer’s online activity logs and marketing channel behavior ingested into our CDP, you have a rich set of data from which to trigger the most effective recovery action – whether via ad retargeting, email or another channel – using your existing campaign management platforms.

Learn more about retention & renewals in the next section.

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