Solutions for
Customer Teams

Actionable insights to power your customer operations.

Appuri offers a suite of capabilities that help you deliver exceptional customer experience and maximize Customer Lifetime Value. We provide analytics and predictive models built for the teams responsible for analysis, design and execution of the customer journey – and make it easy for them to put it into action.

By Business Model

Support for Your Business Model

Appuri offers purpose-built Customer Analytics and Machine Learning capabilities for both subscription-based and transactional business models.

Transactional Models

For businesses that win day by day and order by order, Appuri enables deep insights into customer purchase habits, marketing and sales channel impacts, and cross-product opportunities. Specialized Machine Learning models help you identify normal vs. abnormal transactional activity so you can take action with the right customer at the right time.

By Lifecycle Event


Better Outcomes for Every Lifecycle Event

Improving product adoption, converting more free trials, and renewing more contracts begins the moment your customer starts using your product or service. With Appuri, you have the tools to listen, learn and take action to improve every facet of the customer experience.

By Role

Customer Intelligence for the Entire Organization

Customer Success is not an individual sport. We equip the whole team   – from customer-facing roles to analysts to marketing ops – to deliver break-through customer experience and intelligent engagement.

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