Partners & Integrations

At Appuri, a core tenet is that our solutions should complement the tools and systems our customers know and love. We want to help you the get the most from your existing technology investments, and make Appuri quick and easy to integrate into your customer operations.

CRM Integrations

CRM data is typically a key building block of the Appuri Customer Data Platform, and many of our customers deliver insights to their customer-facing teams back through these applications. Appuri has pre-built connectors to leading CRM providers, making data onboarding and ongoing integration a fast, seamless process, and we offer a pre-configured CRM Insights pane that lights up your Sales and Service team’s view with dynamic, impactful insights.

Business Intelligence

Appuri brings its clients a new level of customer data integration – and partners with the leading providers of data analytics and visualization to help them extend the reach of customer intelligence across organizations. For each of its partner solutions, Appuri provides a core suite of pre-built reports and visualizations that cut implementation time and provide essential customer retention and growth analytics views.

Engagement & Campaign Management Platforms

Appuri makes it easy to execute intelligent, data-driven engagement across any of your customer touchpoints – from email and text message to in-app experience across any of your supported platforms.


Appuri’s is built exclusively with Amazon Web Services technologies, giving you a Customer Data Platform with unbeatable scalability and security.

Our Partner Program is Open!

Appuri Partners are an exclusive group of technology and services providers who share our commitment to open, collaborative solutions for data-driven customer experience management. We are currently accepting new applications. Please submit your information for consideration and we’ll be in touch shortly.