Customer Data Platform

Our platform integrates all of your customer data to enable powerful analytics and predictive models.

Data Sources We Support

The average business has five or more primary sources of customer data (Billing, Sales/Service Interactions, Marketing/Messaging, Product Usage/Telemetry, NPS/Customer Satisfaction Surveys) to inform business solutions. Appuri integrates these different data sources with a variety of solutions, from pre-built connectors for most modern SaaS providers to .csv file imports to direct REST API integration over JSON.

SaaS Systems

Web/Event Logs



CSV Import

Smart Data Pipeline

Appuri’s Smart Data Pipeline provides critical data operations for ingesting, transforming and loading customer data. Appuri unifies customer data across SaaS systems, internal databases and existing cloud infrastructure, and lets you schedule and run batch jobs for loading structured and unstructured data from any source.

Data Catalog

Appuri provides both business-specific entity mapping and standardized data definitions to enable out-of-the-box analytics and ensure relevance to your business. Core business entities are mapped and linked in the Data Catalog to accurately represent your customer and account hierarchies. Elements such as MRR, First Use Date, License End Date and Cancellation Date, are identified and mapped to Appuri’s data model to enable core analytics.

Machine Learning Pipeline

Appuri provides predictive models that identify propensity to churn, convert from trial to paid subscriptions, purchase additional products, or move to different license tiers. Models are trained by Appuri’s Data Science team and deployed into production via the ML Pipeline. In addition to nightly model scoring, the ML Pipeline executes ongoing feature engineering, model validation and provides real-time monitoring of model accuracy.

Modern Data Lake

Appuri lands data into an Amazon S3 data lake that stores hundreds of terabytes to petabytes of data, and then loads customer data into a terabyte-scale Amazon Redshift data warehouse optimized for customer analytics and Machine Learning operations. This data store is fully maintained by Appuri, and scales automatically to accommodate customer needs. Appuri’s customers can also manage the data lifecycle themselves – by scaling their Redshift cluster or setting data retention policies.

Integration to Downstream Systems

Appuri generates insights that are consumed by the people and systems where you execute your customer strategy. The most common “downstream” systems are CRMs such as and Dynamics CRM, marketing automation solutions like Marketo and Eloqua, or product experience orchestration tools like Pendo or AppBoy. Appuri can also export customer lists and data via CSV to support proprietary systems and operations.

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