Put Your Customer Data To Work

Appuri offers a suite of Customer Analytics capabilities that provide insight at all levels of the business.


Segmentation analysis in Appuri allows fast, easy comparison between groups of users or accounts across standard metrics – such as Churn Rate, Conversion Rate or Product Adoption – and any metrics you choose to create based on your business needs. You can run analyses for Segments using common properties such as “Industry”, “Region”, or “Company Size”, or you can custom-define your own Segments using any properties housed in the Appuri CDP.


Cohorting is a critically important capability for the retention analyst. While cohorts are commonly thought of as groups of customers that began using a product or service during the same time period, they can be more broadly defined as groups of customers that share any common characteristic. Appuri supports cohort analysis based on start date as well as any other behavior or property in your customer data.

Analyst and Business Intelligence Access

Appuri stores your customer data in a terabyte-scale Amazon Redshift data warehouse; data is optimized for reporting and analytics and is fully maintained by Appuri. Your analysts can query Appuri directly via SQL, and you can connect virtually any modern Business Intelligence solution for organization-wide reporting and visualizations.

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