Data Science, Data Engineering and Customer/Revenue Analytics - On Demand

Our mission at Appuri is to build powerful, practical solutions that help our clients unlock deep insights from their customer data and build smarter, better businesses. Delivering on that mission requires specialized skills that many of our clients don’t employ – or if they do, they’re focused on their own core businesses.

We provide Expert Services that operate as an extension of your team – during initial implementation, as part of our ongoing model maintenance, and to support special needs and changes as your business dictates.

Data Science

Appuri’s Data Science team tunes, deploys and maintains all Machine Learning models applied to predict conversion, churn and upsell/cross-sell. The team engages directly with the client during the model development process to ensure all relevant signal is properly factored into the model, delivers model performance reports, and works with the client to define how scores and labels are configured to reflect business goals. On an ongoing basis, the team monitors production models systematically and manually intervenes as required to ensure strong and improving model performance.

Data Engineering

Our Data Engineering team engages during the client onboarding process to facilitate data onboarding, entity mapping, and data source integration planning. Once data is onboard, the team delivers data validation reporting to the client team to ensure data on the Appuri CDP align with client expectations (properly cleansed, de-duped, etc…) prior to production go-live. As business needs and data integration changes demand, engineers are available to support updates.

Customer/Revenue Analytics

Our Customer/Revenue Analytics advisory provides best practices in the definition of customer lifecycle metrics and KPI’s. The team works with Enterprise clients throughout implementation, collaborates with Appuri’s Customer Success team in the development of quarterly business review deliverables, and is available to clients on an hourly basis to provide strategic guidance and ad hoc analytics.

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