The Top 30 Influencers in Customer Marketing

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Customer Success and more importantly, Customer Marketing, is an integral part of the foundation that Appuri was built on—our mission is to enable businesses to utilize their customer data and be more proactive in keeping customers happy and more importantly, keeping them around.

Subscription-based companies are finding that it is easier for customers to jump from vendor to vendor at the slightest bit of dissatisfaction. Companies are relying more heavily on their Customer Marketing efforts to ensure their customers stay informed and up to date about new features, products, and services so they are getting the best value possible.

Top 30 - Customer Marketing and Data InfluencersWe have identified the Top 30 Influencers in Customer Marketing based on our research using LittleBird and Onalytica. Social media platforms, such as Twitter, are excellent tools for engaging with thought-leaders and like-minded colleagues to network and build connections, share ideas, and gain valuable insights.

These influencers are creating insightful content and share their experiences on what’s worked and what hasn’t when it comes to Customer Marketing and Data. They are all infatuated with the customer

and invested in helping companies provide the best experience to the customer. Analyzing customer data and identifying trends is a key to these influencers and what helps make them so successful.

You might recognize some people on this list and there might be a few you don’t recognize. Many of the influencers are senior executives and consultants. Follow the list below to learn more about them and engage in conversation.

See a name that is missing? Who else should be on this list?