It's Easy with Appuri Express

With Express, you can deploy Appuri’s CRM Insights solution to your front-line customer teams in less than 48 hours – and with no risk under our free 60-day trial.

A Clear View of Every Account, Every User, Every Click.

Appuri’s CRM Insights module delivers health and usage insights directly to your Sales, Service, Customer Success and Account Management teams.

Automated Activity Scores

Calculates both user and account-level Activity scores, and provides a trended view with a dedicated iFrame.

Support for Custom KPIs

Gives you the ability to define your own calculated fields and KPI’s, and then promote those into the Account and User iFrame screens.

Power User Analysis

Identifies the most engaged and influential users within each account, and provides at-a-glance summary of activity.

Fine-grain Activity Detail

Delivers complete event and activity history, with valuable data such as OS, browser type and version, making support interactions more informed and efficient.

Fast and Easy To Set Up

Express implementation is quick and painless, typically taking less than 30 minutes from your Salesforce Administrator and delivering insights in 24-48 hours.

Here’s the process he or she will follow:


Connect your Product Analytics data with API Key (called an API Secret for Mixpanel – your Product Development team can provide this)


Authorize Appuri to connect your data (just your Administrator’s login credentials).


Install the Appuri CRM Insights iFrame on the Accounts screen.

That’s it! We’ll contact you once your data is loaded and integrated – typically within 24-48 hours.

Zero-Risk Free Trial – No Credit Card Required

Register for a Free 60-day Trial of Appuri Express. Trial benefits:

Unlimited use of CRM Insights iFrame for your users.

Unlimited number of Appuri Admin users

No payment method required

Following the trial period, the following pricing applies based on the number of CRM Insights users with access to the iFrame:

Up to 5 Users – $250/mo
Up to 10 Users – $400/mo
Up to 25 Users – $750/mo
Up to 100 Users – $2,500/mo
Over 100 Users – Custom pricing

Interested in Appuri Express? Request a Demo and Learn More about our Free Trial