We are on a mission to save your users.

We predict and reduce churn using Big Data and Machine Learning.

Who We Are

Appuri was founded in 2013 with the mission of helping online businesses understand, diagnose and reduce customer churn. We are engineers, data scientists and marketers who understand that doing so requires a full-stack approach.

Our Team

  • Damon Danieli

    Chief Executive Officer
  • Bilal Aslam

    Chief Product Officer
  • Erik Lindquist

    Chief Operations Officer
  • Ayça Yuksel

    Chief Marketing Officer
  • Nathan Black

    Software Development Lead
  • Jared Major

    Head of Business Development
  • Adam Argo

    Software Engineer
  • Bin Chen

    Software Engineer
  • Tom Macie

    Software Engineer
  • Taiga Matsumoto

    Software Engineer
  • Jakub Veverka

    DevOps Engineer
  • Bob Hayes

    Director of Content
  • Suchin Gururangan

    Data Science Engineer
  • Michael Palazzolo

    Data Scientist
  • James Futhey

    Product Design Lead