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1. Who is leaving?

Appuri Backstop™ predicts churn by applying machine learning algorithms customized to your product usage data to find the leading indicators of when users are at risk of leaving.

You can augment your data from 3rd party sources and segment users by their properties and behavior so you can target specific users with your retention campaigns.


2. Why they are leaving?

Appuri Backstop™ determines the correlative properties and behaviors of why your customers are leaving.

Gain an immense advantage with an unprecedented ability to understand your customers' behaviors.  Appuri Backstop™ gives you the ability to analyze your users' behaviors so you can discover what leads to churn.

The more data sources and quantities you can collect and analyze, the clearer your picture becomes.

Zoom in on what factors are causing users to churn out.

3. Stop them from leaving!

Appuri Backstop™ integrates with your existing business processes so you can take action before your users have left. You'll be able to trigger your stop-loss and winback campaigns on the behaviors that are correlated with them leaving.

You’ll be able to monitor how much your overall customer retention is improving and quantify how Appuri is improving your business.

Create automated campaigns and actions to retain users.