Appuri Express:
The Fast Track to Smart Customer Engagement!

Know how every user in every account is using your product – all within your CRM system. Light it up today!

Give Your Customer Team Superpowers

Put real-time, actionable customer insights in the hands of your Sales, Customer Success, Customer Service and Marketing teams.

Put Your Customer Data to Work

Use data-driven insights and predictive analytics to know your customers better and engage them in a personalized, relevant way. 

Appuri is a Customer Data Platform that equips businesses to engage their customers the right way at the right time – from enabling more intelligent front-line conversations to delivering perfectly-targeted marketing messages and product experiences.


Turn more trials
into paying customers.


Know which customers need your attention – and why.


Identify the best growth opportunities within your customer base.

Appuri provides analytics and tools for smart customer engagement, delivering customer insight to the point of action.

More Targeted, Relevant Campaigns

Segment your customers based on any property or activity. Export or auto-sync lists to your marketing automation system. Deliver more targeted, better-timed customer outreach. Track your impact on trial conversions, renewals, and expansion sales.

Customer Data In. Actionable Insights Out.

We integrate your data silos to create a complete record for every customer. The Appuri customer record – your “single source of truth” – powers analytics and ML models tuned to your business objectives. Appuri then delivers model scores and KPI’s to the systems you use to engage your customers.

Data Integration Made Simple

Appuri integrates customer data from virtually any touchpoint. In addition to our ability to ingest data from CSV files, weblogs, and databases via our REST API, we offer pre-built integrations to more than 50 leading SaaS providers, so you can begin integrating your customer data with just a few clicks.

We’re Here To Make This Work.

Creating a data-driven customer operation is not trivial – it requires technical depth in a number of disciplines that most organizations lack. At Appuri, we operate as an extension of your team for Data Engineering, Data Science and Customer and Revenue Growth Analytics – both during initial implementation and throughout our relationship.

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