Keep more customers. Grow your business.

Appuri helps you understand your customers and their activities, predicting future behavior so you can anticipate which actions lead to successful onboarding, higher retention, engagement and growth.


Companies using Appuri

“Appuri lets us understand our own customers and allows us to empower our clients to do extremely sophisticated behavioral analysis. Appuri directly helps us with onboarding and retaining our customers and allows our clients to monetize more effectively.”

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Customer intelligence that you can act on.

You’ll get a deeper understanding of your customers: from those at-risk to your most engaged users and everything in between.

From capturing every activity to comparing segments to scoring a customer’s likelihood to churn, Appuri applies machine learning to different levels of analytics so that you can anticipate changes in a customer’s risk level.

Great analytics are only useful if you can do something with them.

Our powerful algorithms let you easily see which churn drivers contribute most to user behavior, helping you prioritize your communications based on need and tailor your messages’ content and timing to maximize their impact.

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Download the Executive Brief on Predictive Retention

The best retention marketing and customer success programs are personal, up-to-date, and relevant. With Appuri’s retention prediction platform, you can check all the boxes in less time and with more precision.


Our Data Platform as-a-service means you have scale, speed, & security.

Use our world-class analytics platform for ad-hoc analytics, machine learning and data management. From SQL over billions of events to deploying new predictive models, we have you covered.

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Influence users across all stages of engagement

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    Target Power

    Understand and model profitable behaviors that turns average users into power users. Track the health of your best and most loyal users.

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    Fix onboarding challenges

    Discover powerful insights into how to drive more users from trial to successful onboarding. Appuri discovers behavioral insights that cause, on average 3x to 5x lift in onboarding success.

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    Introduce Sticky Features

    Identify impactful features based on user behavior and retention probabilities. Target email and messaging campaigns that highlight the right capability for each user.

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    Improve Engagement

    Easily explore user behavioral data to discover triggers for re-engagement. Pinpoint which churn drivers contribute most to onboarding and retention success.

Appuri integrates with (almost) everything

Appuri unifies integration and data management workflows onto a single platform so that you can solve more business problems than ever before with less overhead, thereby realizing new insights into your data.

Tired of learning new jargon, new workflows, and new tools?

Appuri seamlessly surfaces key customer risk metrics right in your favorite CRM, Analytics, and Marketing Automation systems, keeping you focused on timely customer outreach.

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